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Wholesalers Membership

Business to business for business purposes. 
Dynamic Supply Company offers wholesale products for commercial customers with guaranteed premium service and product.

Entitlements of a Commercial Membership includes:

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Daily Delivery
  • Access to Back-order
  • Flexible Credit terms
  • Access to Online Store
  • Access to Promotions & Sales
  • Account Manager Support


Loyalty Retail Membership

Dynamic Supply Company offers retail customers one of two membership options.
The Loyalty Retail Memberships allows non-commercial customers to sign-up for a premium service with extensive benefits. 

Entitlements of the Non-commercial Loyalty Membership includes:

  • Wholesale Prices
  • Home Delivery
  • Access to Online Store
  • Access to Back-order
  • Access to Promotion & Sales
  • Invitations to client nights

All customers who wish to become a Loyalty Retail Member will have to pay a 15,000 VT one - off fee to become a long term member. 


Casual Retail Members

The second option for Dynamics retail customers is to simply sign up as a casual retail shopper. This  option gives retail customers the exclusive range of products on a casual basis.

Entitlements of this Non-commercial Membership include:

  • Retail Prices
  • Access to online store
  • Pick up only

 Casual shopper can shop on our retail website that does not require a login - 

For more information on our memberships come in and talk to one of our friendly staff!